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A broad range of works grouped into categories. 


Cyber Fan Crazy

Most likely intrigued by 80's pop art with some slight alterations by one's own imagination.... and outlandish fan fiction.

396658D2-D768-4DBF-A841-057B1A5FA377 (2).jpg

Borderless Placements

Murals. Not just for walls these days. it can be on any large surface potentially to draw attention


Customize That Hide

Potential eye candy for fleshy outer layers that lack fur.


Military Tributes

Art from the time used to serve and to the dedication of fellow service members.


Adaptable by Canvassed

Original Oil and Acrylic Paintings on stretched cloth canvas or boxed wood platform.


Worthy of Apparel

"Been there, done that", gotta sport it on a t-shirt. (Models are googled templates from an unknown source).


Realms and Journeys

Illustrations interpreted for storytelling, whether it be a single image, or a collection of stylistic elements that demonstrates more in details. 


Dusty Dry Graphite

Pencils, Charcoal, Conte' crayons. A collection of sketches and renders made from these dry ingredients for observations, projects in progress and limited-tone rendering.

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