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Featured Artwork

1st and 3rd Friday Art Walks

Located at VFW Post 1 off 841 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado.

JonhdaStarlingBrandingLayoutConcept-2 08 Artboard 12.png

What i Do

Starling 45º Asymmetrical Box Frame


CHARACTER LAYOUTS, TATTOO FLASH, CONCEPTS and information of organizations that are as polished as their actions.

Starling 45º Asymmetrical Box Frame


Bringing thoughts or literature of tales into visual life, fictional or realistic. 

JonhdaStarling_JavaComicIntroSplashPage_PencilandDigitalMedia_LarryKresek copy.jpg
Starling 45º Asymmetrical Box Frame


Whether it be online or in person, appointments or just to hang out, these are opportunities to see Starling in action.

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Visual details coming soon. For now, click on the Let's Chat! box below or the iconic social media circles to chat directly.

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